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The most attractive things in Phuket – Thailand

There are a number of great and attractive things in the region of Phuket that compel the tourists to visit the place. Some of the gems in the place are such that they should never be missed at any cost whenever you visit the place. This article can be a guide for the people who have never visited the place earlier and they do not really know about the things there and the Phuket attractions.

The greatest benefit of the region of Phuket is that you always find something to be done there in the place in every condition; whether it’s sunny or rainy. Starting from the sublime in the region to the apparently profane, the activities’ range and the places to be visited is considered to be quite remarkable for a place similar to this. Below is a list of the places that must be visited before anything else. If you follow this plan of visiting all these places, you would surely have an unforgettable tour in your holidays.

Learn the Thai Alphabet

Phang Nga Bay is considered to be very unique and different from all the other places. Spending a day there in the bay would surely be an unforgettable sort of experience and that is exactly what you want in your vacations. This bay has a distinctive feature that it is just composed of cliffs of limestone; they jut out of the green waters of emerald vertically. There are two other spots in the Phang Nga bay that are very popular; they are the island of James Bond and the Koh Panyee.

The old town of Phuket is also worth visiting. There are a number of funky shops as well as the splendors of Sino-Portuguese. These places will definitely amaze and please you; they are located in the center of the provincial capital of Phuket. There are offered outstanding restaurants and other things in the town of Phuket; they are beyond your expectations. There can be seen a very unique mixture of Chinese architecture, colonial and tangible quaintness; these entire things make the place quite fascinating, attractive and amusing. You should not forget to bring your camera there with you because you will find a number of worth capturing things over there.

Your Thai Girl

The nightfall of Bangla road is one of the best Phuket attractions for a number of people so far. There are some of the things in the world for making you prepared for something like an after-dark Bangla Road of Patong in the region of Phuket. If you are having a good sense of humor and you are open-minded enough then it can be said that this place is meant for having fun with the exotic girls, the western males and other people like that.

The spot of Big Buddha is another place that a number of people like to visit. It is mostly visible from the South-Phuket and is supposed to be a recent arrival here to the island of Phuket. This image is standing on the hill top of Nakkerd. Next to this, there stands a golden image which is smaller than this and is made of brass in reality.

All these things are the Phuket attractions and they are adding up to the beauty of the place and they are the sources to attract the people to visit the place from all over the world.


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