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Adventurous things to do in Sa Khu

When you think about a trip to Phuket Thailand, you think of nightlife, massage, food, and shopping but these are not the only things to do in Phuket Thailand. After looking for hotels in Phuket, your next attention should schedule you time to see different Phuket attractions and one of them is Sa Khu. Because this place has many adventurous things to do this includes:


Paradise Diving Asia

This place is located just 2 KM away from Sa Khu and they are offering diving certificates which allow you to go deep into the ocean to explore the beauty. They have their own pool at their base where they first trained you diving and then take you in the real ocean to do it properly. Diving adventure totally depends that how well you have learned. You can choose among beginner and advance diver certificate. If you already have a certificate then brings it to save cost and money and jump directly in the water. If you did not found hotels in Phuket which suit your schedule then you can also book a hotel with the business partners of Paradise Diving Asia but you have to inform them in advance for accommodation as due tourists, it could be possible that no room is available at the time when you decided to reach this place.

There is numerous diving packages are available to purchase while the company offer the discount on the booking of the group and have special diving offers in season and weekend. You have also an opportunity to choose from full and half holiday trips if you do not have much time to stay there. The company also offers you chance to see other attractions in Phuket by taking a trip in their speedboats.

KBA Kitesurfing School Phuket

It is the only kitesurfing in Phuket Thailand and lucky it is located near the Sa Khu. So, if you are already done with other Phuket attractions and experience something totally difference then give you life a chance to do adventures thing with the help of certified Phuket Kitesurfing teachers. The school offers multiple options to tourists to enjoy the kitesurfing with few hours of training. Total kite surfing courses the school is offering is 4 and their timing starts from 3 hours to 10 hours. So, it totally depends on you that what type of kite surfing adventure you want to enjoy and learn there. The minimum price for 3 hours course is only 4000 THB where the 10-hour class course cost you 11000 THB. There has been discounting offered to people who come in groups or book their seats in advance. These courses include learning and practicing it over the beautiful see.

If you have planned to learn their advance course then looks for Phuket hotels which are located near to this school. You can also get help from the management of the school to book a hotel for you. By doing this, you may get the chance to get further discount on your kitesurfing course.

Skydance Helicopter Tour

Skydance Helicopter Tour is one of the main attractions of Sa Khu which bring tourists from all around the Phuket Thailand to this place. You can get this tour in another part of the Phuket but you may not get the chance to see beautiful sceneries anywhere else. You are allowed to film and take pictures which enjoy the views of the different beautiful island from the air. The duration of the tour depends on the charged you can afford. But usually, the people book the helicopter for 30 minutes to 1 hour. No course or training required to do this activity like above. All you need to pay and fasten your seat belts to enjoy it.

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