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Top 3 things to do in Ratsada

Busy markets, silent beaches, tall buildings, yummy food and people, these all makes Ratsada one of the must visit places in Phuket Thailand. This place has so much to offer their tourists including natural Phuket attractions like the jungle, beaches, cliffs and much more. Other than just taking sun bath at the beach of Ratsada or shopping, you can also do some adventurous activities with your friends and family. Especially if you are an adult, then expect to do some adventurous activities like canoeing, ride and exploring the jungle on the bike etc.

Ratsada is an economic place for the tourists. It does not require you to have a big budget to see the things there including doing different holiday activities. Summer is the best time to visit there because then you got the chance to enjoy maximum outdoor activities especially water sport and canoeing etc.

If you have never been in Ratsada before and wants to do some outdoor activities other than seeing just attractions in Phuket then you should follow our following guide because we are sharing with you top 3 things to do in Ratsada at a reasonable price.

Amazing Canoeing

There are several companies are there who are offering canoeing services there. Due to competition between companies, the price of canoeing is reasonable. You can book the boat as long as only 2800 THB. You will not only get the chance to canoeing in the ordinary canoeing boats but also can enjoy your trip to the deep sea in the speed boat. Kids from 3 to 10 years are also allowed to participate in this activity along with their parents or by their own if they know how to control the boat. The price for Adult is only 2800 THB where the kids can enjoy it only 1800 THB. Although, the speed boat trip cost 3200 THB for adults and 2000 THB for kids.

Throughout the canoeing, you will able to see the amazing display of nature, shining limestone cliffs, mountain, forests and tranquil lagoons etc. At some point, you can also stop your boat for the swimming. Also, if you are good in snorkeling, then you can also enjoy it at tranquil lagoons. Some company also allow you to explore the treasure of dark and inspiring caves of the Ratsada which is possible through speed boat trip which takes you to the island of 5 amazing islands which are connected with each other at Ratsada.

Phuket Extreme Enduro

Are you good in biking? How about racing with your friends and other tourists in an amazing track which covers the forest of the Ratsada? Yes, this is possible. There are companies who allow you to rent their racing motorcycles for day to few rents and enjoy the racing with other tourists. Get yourself ready to dirty because the track in the forest is not as plane as the road but filled with so much adventure. The bikes can be rent from 4000 Thai Bhatt to 8000 only; the price depends on the model of the bike. Safety equipment like the helmet, rain jacket, and other things are also available for the safety of the tourists. There are different tracks which are differing from each other on the basis of its difficulty. So, choose one which suits you most.

Ride Thailand

If you want to see the attractions in Phuket on a bike, then consider booking your ride through the Ride Thailand company’s office in Ratsada. They have all types of different models of motorcycles from including heavy bikes and racing bikes etc. The price only depends on the model you want to rent and the duration.

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