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Phuket Town Night Market

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Phuket Town Night Market

Local markets in tourist destinations always offer a unique experience for travelers, you can get close and personal with the locals, plus you can find some great bargains or weird and wonderful souvenirs that you cannot get from anywhere else in the world. However, local markets could be really crowded, and wandering around local markets during the day might feel like wasting time during your holiday while you could have just having fun on the beach, especially when you’re in Phuket.

Fortunately, in Phuket Town, you could find a few interesting night markets, so you don’t have to cut short your fun time at the beach or sweating in the crowded market under the sun. In Phuket Town, there are three excellent night markets providing all kinds of stuff that you can visit:




  1. Weekend Market


The locals call this market the “Naka Market”, it’s located not far away from the Central Festival along the Chao Fa West Road. It’s famous for being the central of secondhand goods in Phuket, as well as pirated items, various local foods, and pretty much anything else, even live animals. This market is a very interesting place where you can observe the local culture, even if you don’t intend to buy anything it’s still a very interesting place to visit.

There are two main areas in this market: the covered section and the open section. The covered section offers secondhand clothing, religious objects, carvings, and other unique objects. While the open section has bags, jewelries, fluffy toys, CDs, DVDs, mobile phones, electronics, fashion accessories and many others.


  1. Walking Street


Also known by the locals as “Lardyai/Talaad Yai” or big market, this market is stretching for about 350m long on a cosmopolitan street. The street itself is located in the heart of the old Phuket Town. There are hundreds of shops in this market that mostly owned by Thai Muslims and immigrants from India and China.

The Walking Street Market is a great place to find local handicrafts, gifts and also various kinds of southern Thai cuisines. It opens once a week, every Sunday from 4-10pm. It’s a family friendly attraction with many toy stalls available and there is also a trampoline that can be used by anyone for free.


  1. Indy Market


Locally known as “Laadploykong” or “a place to give up your goods”, Indy Market is located on Dibuk Road and opens twice a week. It’s a really popular place among local teenagers and young adults because there are various entertainment venues in the area.

Compared to the other two night markets discussed earlier, Indy Market is much smaller and cleaner, in fact, it will only take you about 15-20 minutes to explore the whole area.

However, this small market has a lot of different items available, including ladies bags, shoes, flip-flops, jeans, and various types of clothing. But what makes this place interesting is the entertainment venue. It would be a great place to hangout if you got bored with all the typical nightlife entertainment.

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