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Top 5 things to do in Ko Kaeo

Phuket Thailand is full of beautiful natural and semi-natural attractions. By viewing them, you could not get bored because of every place, island, lake, and town is different from other while each of the new places has something different to offer. That’s why you won’t get bored while seeing and enjoying the attractions in Phuket. If you want to enjoy more than just visiting islands, beaches, lakes and water sports, then you should plan your trip to Ko Kaeo.

Ko Kaeo is just another town in Phuket Thailand without its own specialties. Surely, you can enjoy the beautiful views here too by booking Phuket hotels near to the Island but you enjoy other activates which are:

Baan Teelanka

This place is located at Moo 5, Bypass Road. By name, you may not understand that what is this place is all about but it is one of the most popular Phuket attractions due to its building and activities offered there. It is a house which is built upside down. Other than just taking interesting pictures of yours, you can enjoy total 6 types of activities which include playing puzzles (escaping the room) watch movies, drunk house, 9D adventure, hedge maze and much more etc. This place is a perfect place for the family holiday to do different activities throughout the day. All the Hotels in Phuket can take you to this place in case if you do not know how to reach there.

Simba Sea Trips

Attractions in Phuket are all famous for the natural beauty. Ko Kaeo is one of the places where you can meet with nature by exploring its forest, hiking and taking a trip to the sea. The Simba Sea Trips allow you to go deep in the sea to explore the further beauty of Ko Kaeo and its Island which is covered with trees and looks more likely a deep jungle. The activities like diving, water sports and swimming can be enjoyed once you book your Simba Sea trips to the Island.

Royal Phuket Marina

This place is more likely a small port where you can see hundred of a ship are standing and waiting for their guests. The ships here are not just used to take you in the deep sea but some restaurants, hotels, and clubs are located inside the ships. People have their houses on these ships. If you are not impressed with the hotels in Phuket and want to stay somewhere special, then you can book one ship for yourself and stay there while enjoying the amenities of a hotel.

Phuket Pearl

This shop is located at Moo 1, Koh Kaew. It is a great place for those who have some interest in collecting different size of pearls. You can also buy the pearl jewelry and other accessories from there. The staff is very friendly with the guests and speaks English. The pearls here are unique but can be purchased in reasonable price. Although, some section of this shop looks more likely a pearl museum from where you can get information about pearls as well. If you found difficulty to find the shop then you ask any Phuket hotels to book the cab for you.


Most of the activities in Phuket Thailand are not for everyone. Especially, families visiting with kids may found it difficult to do outdoor activities with their kids. Bring your whole family at A-Maze-in-Phuket because it is a place where everyone can enjoy by solving the man size puzzle. The whole place is filled with trees and other plants to create a big size puzzle to solve.

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