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Most of the people who visit Phuket for the very first time choose Patong to enjoy the nightlife over there. A lot of visitors think that this place is the center of Phuket nightlife on the entire island. There are a number of other cities in Phuket in which similar types of activities are offered in the nighttime as in Patong; however, they seem to be on a very small scale as compared to Patong. So if there is someone who actually desires to experience an outstanding nightlife then they should definitely check this place.



Pubs are basically same as traditional bars that are found generally in other countries. There, beers and other drinks are served to the customers. Some of these bars might be having a pool table or something like that. The factor that actually defines these bars is that there are no girls working as hostesses in the lace. This type of environment with working girls is found in the girl bars where the Thai girls are supposed to attract the customers to come to the place. It is your choice to select the place that you want to visit.

Beer Bars

The Beer Bars always grace each and every tourist who comes to the island and they are considered to be the number one activity for making the Phuket nightlife to be amazing. There are packs of beautiful Thai girls in these bars and the lady-boys of course. Whoever goes there, he can definitely expect such an attention as if he is no less than a celebrity. You are allowed to drink, flirt with the local Thai girls, play different games in the bar and have a lot more fun thing to do.

Go-Go Bars

In the Go-Go bars, the prices of drinks are higher than any other place in Phuket. In these bars, if you see a girl and you become interested in spending some more time with her then you are allowed to take her for some time with you after paying some fee to the management. In the early day, these bars were famous for some sex activities; however, they have been banned presently according to the rules of Thailand, but still sometimes the rules are not really followed.

Sports Bars

Your Thai Girl
The sports bars are mostly full of a number of tourists and they can be seen enjoying the different events of sports of their favorite type. There are no Thai women in these bars as in Go-Go and other bars. There is a huge screen sized TV in the sports bars. Usually there are seen more than one such TVs.

Music Venues

Music Venues are the places where music is oriented and they are the best places if you want to enjoy the music of some professional bands who sing the cover songs and other local talent of the site. While enjoying the music, you are also offered to have some beer and keep on rocking all the night. These venues make the Phuket nightlife to be more incredible.



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