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Beautiful Resort Town of Surin

Surin is a resort town that is actually more like a coastal village with fine white sand and turquise water. Its beautiful beach has attracted so many local and foreign visitors all year round. Besides popular for being a tourist destination, Surin is also known for its luxury resorts and housing. Here, luxurious Surin hotels and resorts like The Surin, Twinpalms and Amanpuri are standing alongside with million dollar houses that some of them are owned by top end celebrities. These luxurious buildings are dominating the prime spots on top of the hills facing the Andaman Sea. As a place where there is a significant amount of population of the high-end society, it’s really easy to find high-end restaurants and excellent wine bars in this area.


Surin Attractions

The main attraction in Surin is definitely its beautiful beach. Even though there has been a lot of development in this area, Surin still has that authentic touch of tropical beauty. Located on the west coast of Phuket, Surin Beach could be really crowded, especially during local holidays, because this is one of the most popular holiday spots for the locals. Other interesting attractions in Surin include:


Luxurious Spas – Indulge yourself in one of the many five-star spas that can be easily found in Surin. These luxury spas are usually attached to luxury local resorts and hotels in Surin, like the Ayara Hilltops or TwinPalms Phuket Hotel. Expect to pay more for this joyful treatment, because they don’t come cheap. But if you really want to experience the ultimate relaxation and total pampering from head to toe, these spas will never let you down. There are also stand-alone spas that offer the similar kind of service, like the Surin Thai Spa that offers standard massage and other nice treatment, like Thai herbal sauna, oil massage, foot massage and Thai massage. The price range in stand-alone spas are usually less expensive compared to those attached to resorts.


Surfing in Surin – This is one of the main attractions in Surin. Phuket is actually known for being quite “unreliable” for the continuity of its surfing activity, but when the season comes places like Surin are always visited by many surfers to ride its waves. There is also a surfing competition being held here three times a year with lots of enthusiast participants. If you want to experience the sensation of surfing in Surin you will have to wait for the right time. Waves in Surin are storm generated, so you can only catch the big ones between May and October.

Thai Cooking Classes – There are many destinations in Thailand that have Thai cooking classes available, including in Surin. Here you can get your culinary adventure at The Chedi. It offers a Thai cooking class that lasts for about 5 hours, which also includes going to the market to get the ingredients. Another great cooking class can be found at TwinPalms resort. Here you can learn to create three signature Thai dishes from a professional chef.

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